Private lessons are available at Pine Ridge Golf Course.


Group lesson options include: 5 session beginner classes, 5 session intermediate classes and skill building sessions. Classes have between 4-6 participants.


Junior programs available in the spring, summer and fall.

Change YourGame

Change Golf Instruction wants to help you with your golf game. Golf is a lifetime sport with many social, health and business benefits. Whatever reason you play, we’re here to help you reach your goals. 

We know that golf can have many barriers. To overcome them, we also provide an accessible and affordable way to experience golf in Paris, TX. That starts with making every golfer, and potential golfer, welcome. It means offering high quality golf instruction at affordable prices, and it means helping new and occasional golfers find a community with whom to connect and play golf. 

Paris, Texas. Golf Instruction

Change golf instruction provides golf lessons and classes at Pine Ridge Golf Course. Our instructors believe that everyone can improve his or her golf game, and it’s our job to help! We combine sound technical information with principles of learning theory and apply them to your game. With a strategic approach and good ol’ fashioned practice, change golf instruction will help you achieve your golf goals. 

Check out our team of instructors and class schedule.  There is something for everyone!

Our Strategy

Taking golf lessons, or learning to play golf can be very intimidating. We understand that. Consequently, we want you to know what you will get when you sign up to

Flight Analysis

Every lesson will start with ball flight analysis. This is a fancy term for saying, “We’ll watch you hit enough shots to determine what the problem is.”

Game Improvement

We want your golf game to improve. That means prioritizing the changes we make to your swing and addressing them one at a time. You will not improve by having 10 swing thoughts! The instructors’ expertise lies in being able to prioritize what changes should be addressed first, and which should be left for later.

Ball Flight Errors

The lesson will start with identifying your ball flight errors. Is the ball curving left, right, flying too high or low, or not going the correct distance. Once patterns have been identified, your swing corrections will be connected to the ball flight errors you are experiencing.

Ball Flight Analysis

We do not teach to a model. Although we will correct fundamentals that have a direct impact on your ball flight, we will not change things for the sake of change. Playing good golf isn’t about looking good. Playing good golf is about creating a good impact and different players will have different ways of getting there.

Your Goals

We will work towards your goals. Not ours. Tell us what you want to achieve and we will be by your side until you get there. The path between A and B is seldom linear – we’ll remind you of that when you hit the inevitable bumps-in-the-road, and steer you back in the right direction.

Forward Progress

After each lesson, your instructor will follow up with a review, drills, video (or whatever is appropriate). You will not be left alone to remember and figure things out by yourself once the lesson ends. The program we use to share lesson notes gives golfers a channel to stay in touch with the instructor and update us on your progress.

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