Warm up for more distance

Golfers will do just about anything to increase their distance on the course. Whether it is a new practice tool or the latest driver, nothing seems too extravagant when in pursuit of a few extra yards. But what would you say if you could gain extra yardage (as much as 45 yards on carry distance of a driver!) for next to nothing? It may sound simple, but here is the alternative strategy for more distance — a warm-up routine.

In other sports, people instinctively warm up their bodies up in preparation for the activity ahead. But golfers do not, and that is a mistake. What many players forget is that golf is similar to sprinting. It is a very explosive action that culminates in a lot of force travelling through the body over a short period of time.

As we know, you wouldn’t see a sprinter stroll out to the track to compete without performing an appropriate warm-up routine. However, in golf there is a stigma attached to warming up on the range before teeing off. It is time to change that if you want more distance.

Static or dynamic stretching?

Research shows that static stretching is not useful as a warm-up as it can reduce power output. If you want more distance, this is not good. Instead, evidence suggests that dynamic stretching can increase explosive power. For example, in studies jump height and power output has been shown to increase by 14%. This research is relevant to golf because the forces we create and transfer to the clubhead start by pressing into the ground — just like in a jump test.

Researchers have demonstrated that a dynamic warm-up with a resistance band can significantly improve performance. One study demonstrated that a warm-up is more beneficial than buying a new driver! After completing dynamic stretches or a resistance band warm up, golfers increased their distance by 37.5 and 44.5 yards respectively (compared to the distance of 20 shots hit without a warm-up routine).

Of course, increases like these aren’t guaranteed, but don’t be surprised if you are swinging the clubhead a little faster following an effective warm-up!

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Shannon Morehouse, PGA
Titleist Performance Institute (TPI Level 1 Certified)