• Private Lessons

Private & Semi-Private Lessons.

If your schedule is tight, or you prefer learning individually (or with a friend), private lessons are the best option for you. Private lessons can be scheduled at your convenience – wither online or by contacting the instructor directly.

What is included in a private lesson?

Private lessons include instruction, range balls and access to your unique online training space. Your training space is where lesson notes, videos and drills will be filed. You can use this material to review your lesson and communicate with your instructor about your progress.

As you incorporate the changes, the instructor will explain what you will experience as you practice, and how to practice.

What should I expect in my first private lesson?

Your instructor will take a few minutes to learn about you and your golf goals. As you warm up, the instructor will look for patterns in your ball flight. Do you curve it left, right, hit it too high, low, too short or too far (!). Once the instructor knows what is being corrected, you will work on one-to-three changes that will target your errand ball flight.

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Please keep in mind when registering for a class:

Cancellation policy: We understand that life happens. However, if possible, please give us 24 hours’ notice to cancel lessons. On the third occasion of violating this policy, we will charge you for the scheduled lesson. Thanks for understanding.

Bad weather policy: Lessons will be rescheduled if the weather is considered too bad for learning. This decision will be made shortly before the class is due to start (the forecasts are often wrong!). Please contact your instructor if you are unsure about the weather.