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Warm up for more distance

Golfers will do just about anything to increase their distance on the course. Whether it is a new practice tool or the latest driver, nothing seems too extravagant when in pursuit of a few extra yards. But what would you say if you could gain extra yardage (as much as 45 yards on carry distance […]


A roadmap for developing your game

Let’s say you’ve been playing for a while, but your game has hit a plateau. Where do you go from here? One thing we do know —  more of the same probably isn’t going to change your game around. To point you in the right direction we have put together a road map based on how we […]

Beginner golfer learning roadmap

New golfers often don’t know what their progression as golfers should look like, or how much it is going to cost them. This blog will explain hat to expect as you navigate your way to becoming a golfer. The best way to start is with a 5 x session beginner class ($100). You will learn […]


Different name

Different Name, Same Service In 2017, Sue Shapcott changed the name of her Madison based coaching business from ‘Golf Revolution’ to ‘Change Golf Instruction.’ Other than the name, everything else stays the same! Read about the history of the business HERE.

Tiger’s motivation

The Future You About one month before his 40th birthday, Tiger Woods gave a very uncharacteristic press conference. His demeanor was humble and downbeat and he lacked the focus and goal-orientated rhetoric that has defined his interviews over the last 20 years. He stated that his recent back surgery would sideline him indefinitely. For many, […]

Women golfers

Women Golfers: Wired to Fail? Have you ever wondered why such a high percentage of women leave the game of golf before they’ve had a chance to become any good at it? If you said money, time and family obligations, you’re probably right. But a graduate study by British PGA Professional Sue Shapcott out of […]

Lessons are great, but are you doing them wrong?

Lessons are great but… Quit beating yourself up for mistakes. You’re supposed to be making them (Golf Digest, November, 2016). “If you’re always trying to prove to other people that you’re good, or that you’re an athlete, you’ve made the game very exhausting for yourself–especially if you haven’t been able to be open to instruction […]