Beginner golfer learning roadmap

New golfers often don’t know what their progression as golfers should look like, or how much it is going to cost them. This blog will explain hat to expect as you navigate your way to becoming a golfer.

The best way to start is with a 5 x session beginner class ($100). You will learn the basics and get an introduction to the short-game techniques (golf class schedule).

After the classes, it’s time to venture onto the golf course and experiment. To help facilitate your playing, consider joining Change Golf Instruction’s community. We have monthly golf outings and clinics that you can join ( join now!). You can supplement this stage of your development with skill-building group classes ($25/session) or private lessons (from %40/30 minutes).

After playing on the course for a while, it’s time to further develop your skills. Our 5 x session intermediate classes are an ideal way to do just that  ($100). We regularly update our schedule, so check out dates that works for you (golf class schedule).

Of course, we can always develop a program that fits your individual needs and schedule. Just contact us!

Sue Shapcott, PGA

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