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Sue, just wanted to thank you for your help. I have managed to shave several strokes off my score. The game is becoming fun again! You identified several issues with my swing and made the necessary corrections in an easy to understand way. (October, 2016)

Louise K

I was ready to quit golf….very frustrated with the game. Then I took lessons with Sue and had a blast. I learned about the golf swing, how to diagnose mistakes based on my misses and thoroughly enjoyed Sue’s sense of humor. I’ve had a 20 year love affair with the game and Sue’s lessons were the catalyst! Thank you Sue!


Bob M

Last year, the most reliable part of my game fell apart in a significant way. I experienced total frustration with my iron game.  I tried a few lessons at my home club. The success was moderate and short-lived while my confidence continued to tank. I was sure it was me that was broken and unfixable. Then I met Sue Shapcott. In as few as two lessons, she helped me correct my swing mechanics simply by reconstructing my swing starting from the basics. Sue not only helped me on those days, but she gave me valuable tips on how to “fix” the issues should they start to creep into my game again. The evidence that it works? Nearly a year later, although I am suddenly a single handicap player (yet), I am a hobby golfer with a solid game, a player who has control of her irons again who consistently plays below her official handicap and most importantly, is enjoying golf and confident enough to compete in tournaments again. Every round gives me renewed return on that investment – the lessons and the practice. Kateri (June, 2016)

Kateri C

I had a private lesson with Sue recently. She came highly recommended and now I can see why. Sue turned my game around. I played in a tourney today and just hit the ball great. I have had several top notch instructors and she tops them all. (September, 2016)


I am 72 years old and found that the distance on all of my shots had decreased considerably.  I tried everything to hit the ball longer but nothing worked.  Frustrated with my game and ready to give up, a friend suggested I take a golf lesson from Sue Shapcott at Odana.  I hesitated for some time because I thought I could “figure it out on my own”.  Was I wrong!

I made a 40 minute appointment with Sue.  After warming up, she asked me to hit two balls each with my 6 iron, 3 wood, and driver.  After seeing my swing,  she said “I think I can solve your problem”.  At first,  I did not believe her.  I thought she was kidding.  I thought I was getting too old to hit long golf shots.  I needed to accept that fact.

However, Sue thought differently.  She asked me to make “one change” in my swing and “one change” in my grip.  I was absolutely shocked at the outcome.  Now, I was hitting all three clubs about 50 yards farther than I had ever hit them  before.  I still cannot believe it.

Today my biggest regret is that I did not take a golf lesson from Sue when I was younger.  I learned so much from her in one lesson.  My golf game is back.  I am hitting the ball farther than I ever have.  I could not be happier.

Richard P

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